Perhaps it was only a matter of time before two of the young doctors at I-Health Info Services would become enamored with each other.

I-Health Info Services provides 24 hour consultation for all kinds of medical issues and can even write prescriptions which you can fill. There is always at least one doctor on duty and sometimes their shifts overlap during peak hours.

Dr. Elizabeth Perkins shift overlapped with Dr. Michael Castalano and during the time they spent working together, sparks of romance erupted.

Working in a Denver telecommunications office, it wasn’t long before they were Googling barn wedding venues in Colorado and lo and behold, the Lower Lake Ranch came up first on the list!


Lower Lake Ranch is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world! Located at the feet of majestic mountains and having a full service facility for weddings including rustic types, it is arguably the finest of barn wedding venues in Colorado!

It was just the natural place Elizabeth and Michael to plan on having their wedding since they wanted to get away from all the technology for awhile and the Lower Lake Ranch was less than an hour’s drive away!

The opportunity to have a wedding in a full service facility, with lodging, a fantastic barn on the premises and fantastically beautiful scenery at probably among the best barn wedding venues in Colorado was a temptation that the happy couple to be could not resist!


Nowadays, people are looking for new and more interesting ways to get married. The Las Vegas chapel, the gaudy banquet hall receptions, they are all moving over for a fresh, natural and even rustic type of wedding theme which is what makes Lower Lake Ranch up there as the best barn wedding venues in Colorado and beyond!

The full lodging available on the premises really makes it the perfect place to become one with nature on that special day. For Doctors Perkins and Castalano, the Lower Lake Ranch did not disappoint!

They were able to have a group of about twenty of their closest friends and relatives come experience the perfect wedding with them and then settle right into their hotel room right there without having to travel more than sixty miles from their work address.

It was the greatest! They still have to work two split shifts at I-Health Info Services but they are also now working on a third shift of their own for starting a family!